Bo Bunny Winter Joy

Posted by Melodee Cloud

Can you believe that the holidays are creeping up upon us? Today's steal, the Bo Bunny Winter Joy Collection is positively amazing. It's such a beautiful collection in purples, blues and greens.

These papers would be great for a myriad of holiday-themed layouts and projects, but I thought I would show you how to make a quick and easy dimensional snowflake which you could make to put a homemade touch to Christmas tree decorations.

My girls have made these snowflakes for years and have had them hanging all over their room. I've never learned to make them so I sat my Sarah down for a little crafty time to teach me!

Here are the basic directions.

  • Cut paper into squares. For our snowflake we used 6x6" pieces of paper. Fold the paper in half one way, and then again in the opposite direction. Fold in half and then in half again so that you have a triangle like this.
  • With the point of the triangle pointed upward, cut strips across the width of the triangle starting from the side of the paper which is folded. Do not cut all of the way through to the other side.

  • Open your folded paper and it should look like this.

  • Beginning with the inner most cuts, fold together and staple or secure with a glue dot. Flip the paper over and do the same with the next two cuts. Flip the paper again and repeat the process until you reach the outermost cut.

  • Your completed square of paper should look like this.

  • Repeat this process five times for one snowflake. You can use the same papers or different papers for variety.

  • Once all of your snowflake arms have been completed, staple two of them together at the tip.

  • Next staple the remaining four arms to the middle of the neighboring snowflake arm.

  • Once your chain of snowflake arms have been stapled together, begin stapling the bases of the tips together one by one.

  • Your completed snowflake should look like this.

We added a scalloped circle to the middle of the snowflake with a piece of chipboard embellishment to finish it off.

These snowflakes can be made in any size and would truly make the cutest decoration for a tree.

Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!

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