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‎Happy How To'sday everyone! If you're looking for a great way to add a little something out of the ordinary to your paper crafting projects then today's tutorial on creating a wedged circle by Charity Hotrum-Becker is just for you!

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How to Make a Wedged Circle
I love adding multiple papers to my layout and using a wedged circle is a great way to add just a few more. At first glance all those angles look intimidating, but a dinner plate and a brown paper bag make it oh, so easy! These instructions will work with any size circle template and a thin paper bag. You need to be able to fold the paper several times.

To begin, trace one circle onto a paper bag or two on individual sheets of thin paper. Cut out both layers of the bag so that you have two of the same size circle. Fold one of the circles in half, then fourths, then eighths. Cut out two of the wedge shapes.

Trace the wedge shapes onto the back of your chosen patterned paper. Cut out the wedges, leaving a ½ inch margin on one side for overlapping. For continuity make sure you leave the margin on the same side for each wedge. Stamp a border onto the lower edge of the wedge. You’ve given yourself a ½ inch margin so you can trim if you stamp imperfectly. If stamping and stitching are not for you, ink the top and one of the sides of the wedge. Be sure to ink the same side of each wedge.
Cut ½ inch off the edge of your second paper circle. Trace the circle onto cardstock. Fold the paper circle in half and trace a line through the center of the circle on the cardstock. Finally, fold the paper in quarters and carefully lining up the edges, trace the second line through the center so that your circle is divided into quarters evenly. These lines will be used to set your wedges so their placement is important.

Place adhesive down the middle of the wedge, leaving the edges free for overlapping. Line up the stamped edge of the first wedge with the line through the center of the circle. (Remember that the wedge will overlap the outer edge of the circle and cover your pencil lines.) Place three more wedges onto the circle, lining up the stamped edge each time. The resulting circle will look a bit like a pinwheel. Place the remaining wedges onto the circle, stamped edge showing, bare edge tucked under the neighboring wedge.

Snip the point off the final wedge before placing it in the circle. The center will be imperfect, but don’t stress, this will be covered with the corner of the photo or edge of the trim. Stitching or stamping around the outer edge of the circle will give it a finished look.

Add this multi-layered element to any layout with a circle image. These instructions will work for any size circle. If you need more or less wedges simply fold the original circle accordingly.

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Thank you Charity! If you have an idea that you'd like to see featured on How To'sday send your photos and directions to

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Have a great day.

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