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I love today's tutorial on making paper pumpkins by Amber Sheaves. What a fun project to do with your kiddos or at a school class party. Not to mention, these are the perfect decorative touch for your holiday table.

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I know Halloween is over but pumpkins stay up in my house until the very last day in November! I love pumpkins. So think of these as last-minute Thanksgiving decorations or file it away for next year! But, if you are just itching to get started on Christmas, there is a variation for you too. Just read on.

To make these pumpkins you will need:

  • 1"x12" strips of paper - 24 for the pumpkin, 1 for the stem
  • 2 medium-sized brads
  • 1 leaf, if desired
  • several skinny strips for the tendrils (1/8" - 1/4" wide x 12" long)
  • hole punch
  • adhesive

Step 1: Punch a hole through both ends of paper strips (make sure hole is smaller than brad head). A Crop-a-dile works great for this. A regular hole punch will work too, but you will just need to do it in batches instead of all at once. Secure all strips at one end together with a brad.

Step 2: Fan out all strips so they look like a sun. Bring the strips up and around to form a round pumpkin shape and secure with the other brad. I found the best way to do this was to start at the topmost strip and work your way down to the bottom strip (like in the ornament pic). Doing it by grabbing the opposite strip (like in the pumpkin pic) kinda left it a little weird and not quite evenly spaced. Now quick, close the brad before the strips fall down!

Step 3: Roll up the strip for the stem. Glue it together (I like hot glue because it dries so quickly) and then glue it to the pumpkin. Glue on your leaf if desired. To make the tendrils, wrap a strip tightly around a pencil and then release and glue to the pumpkin as well.

Now I also used this method to make a few Christmas ornaments. The only difference is the size and quantity of the strips. I only used 6-inch-long strips and only needed 12 of them. That's half a sheet of 12x12 or 2 sheets of 6x6 paper. This is a great way to use up those 6x6 pads that you're not sure what to do with. I just eliminated the stem, leaf, and tendrils, of course, and tied on some twine to hang it. I'm thinking of adding a gray or silver "stem" and and hook to make it look like a real ornament but haven't had time to play with that idea yet. These are so easy that the kids can make them. Put them to work decorating for you! "Easy peasy" as my son would say.

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Amber, thank so much! I'm so excited to do these with my kids and let them make ornaments for their little tree.

If you have an idea that you would like to see star on a How To'sday then please send it along to me. Photos and directions can be sent to

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow for our next Mid Week Mojo...with eleven photos. :)

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