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Good morning everyone! It's happy How To'sday once again and today our rockstar friend and fan Erica Bass treat us to a tutorial Faux Stitching.

• • • • •

Don't you just love the look of the pleated paper embellishments? I know I do but it costs an arm and a leg to buy it pre-made and is kind of a pain to make yourself. Don't worry -- I came up with the perfect solution!

With a few basic supplies you will be able to create this look with ease.


  • scrapbooking adhesive
  • paper
  • paper cutter
  • foam adhesive

Step 1: Cut two strips of paper that are the size you want your pleated accent to be. My sample strip of paper is 12 x 2
Step 2: Cut the second strip into the width you want your final pleats to be. Here my final "pleats" are 2 x 1 1/4
Step 3: apply foam adhesive to the bottom side of your pleats

Step 4: I applied a long line of adhesive to the top edge of my base piece of "pleating" then once the pleats were placed I rubbed off the excess adhesive. If your adhesive isn't the type that will rub off, simply put some adhesive on the opposite end of the foam on the small pieces of paper before you glue them down.

Step 5: if you like a finished edge at the top position some ribbon so it overlaps the top edge.

side view of finished product.

Another sample of faux pleating used on a card.

• • • • •

Erica, thank you so much for sharing your idea with us. I know I for one am excited to give this a try! I may even have to incorporate it into my next Mid Week Mojo. :) And speaking of Mid Week Mojo, be sure to check in tomorrow for our February Guest Sketcher.

Have a great day!

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