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I love a good tool and I think any paper crafter knows We R Memory Keepers definitely has some pretty amazing crafting tools. Today's steal, the We R Memory Keepers Brad Setter, is no exception. Add the bundle of sparkly mini brads and you've got the makings for some happiness that would rival Bob Villa with a new power tool.

Today Cristine Redmond shows us some fantastic uses with the brad setter and brads.

• • • • •

How many of you can relate to this scenerio: You want to put a brad on your project so you pierce a hole, put the brad in, flip over the project, then continue to poke and prod the tender spots under your nails as you try to set the brad. Am I the only one? I didn't think so. That is why I absolutely LOVE the We R Memory Keepers Brad Setter. This has to be one of the best scrappy inventions out there. Plus, it's so easy to use I put my 5 year-old to work using it (supervised, of course!).

My biggest is getting to the age where she pretends she knows how to tell time. Everything ends in "30" (it's always 5:30 or 12:30, etc.). I thought I would help her make a clock so we can work on learning to tell time. She is already excited to tell her teachers that she knows how to tell what time it is—and school doesn't start for almost two months!

Here are the supplies we used:

I adhered the scalloped paper to the thick cardstock-y thing that comes with new calendars using rubber cement. Then I marked the center spot and my daughter used the Brad Setter to pierce a hole.

We added some numbers to the page using Thickers, then used the Brad Setter to pierce a hole in the clock hands. My biggie inserted the brad into the clock hands, then into the clock page itself and flipped it all over. Using the other side of the Brad Setter, she pushed down to separate the brad legs (or tongs or whatever they are called).

Once they were separated, she used the head to push down the legs.

Seriously, I didn't have to help her at all. This tool makes it SO easy! Here is a picture of the finished product:

Cute, right? I thought I'd put the Brad Setter to use on a different kind of project...a card.

After I tied the bow on the card, I used the piercer to make a hole through the knot of the bow. Then I put a brad in and used the other side to set it. Seriously, you need this tool if you don't have one. I know you're thinking, "But why would I spend money on this when I have perfectly good fingers to use?" I thought the same thing, which is why I put off buying this tool forever. You only need to poke the tender skin under your fingernails so many times before you begin to wonder if there is an easier way—luckily, there is!

• • • • •

Cristine! I love it! I also love that you were able to get your biggie involved in some paper crafting with you. So much fun.

We have a pretty great lineup for the rest of the week, so don't forget to stop by each day. Tomorrow is the final installment in the Turquoise Mid Week Mojo series, Thursday we are treated to a triple whammy from the Summer Design Team and Friday will be this months Blog Hop!

Have a fantastic day!

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