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Today the queen of How To'sday ideas, Charity Becker, comes to us with an amazing tutorial on how to make glowing lanterns. As fall approaches, these little lanterns might be just the finishing touch you're looking for to top off your tables or add some warmth to your mantle.

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Glowing Lanterns

These lanterns take time to make, but are so bright and cheerful they put everyone into a party mood. Dim the lights and watch their happy glow spread smiles all around.


  • Thick scrapbooking paper: equal amounts of black and brightly colored
  • Border punch
  • All Over the Page Punch (Martha Stewart, Caning Pattern)
  • Quick dry adhesive
  • Large pot of steaming water
  • Battery operated candles

Lantern "Glass"

Step 1) Cut brightly colored paper to size. (Individual sizes are listed with lantern image.)

Step 2) Place paper in pot of water till wet through but not disintegrating. This process takes 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the brand of paper and its individual thickness. You'll need scraps to test the time limit for each paper.

Step 3) Carefully peel paper apart. Some brands come off in full sheets, others have to be rolled off with finger tips. The paper is VERY fragile when wet and must be treated with care. Be sure you have extras of each sheet of paper. I used My Mind's Eye, Authentique, and DCWV.

Step 4) Let paper dry. Iron (no steam!) to remove wrinkles. Place under stack of books to flatten.

Rectangle Lantern

Hexagon Lantern Pieces:

  • Cut four pieces of bright paper 3.5x5 inches.
  • Cut four pieces of black paper 3.75x5.75 inches.
  • Cut one piece of black paper 3.5 inches square.


Step 1) Cut all pieces of black paper to size.

Step 2) Lay black paper on punch base so that the top and left edges just cover the magnets.

Step 3) Punch paper in 3 rows, with 2 punches across.

Step 4) Score paper 1/4 inch from top and left edges, and 1/2 inch from the bottom edge.

Step 5) Adhere "Glass" to inside of each lantern piece so that brightly colored side shows through black lattice design.

Step 6) Adhere lantern sides together by placing adhesive along scored edge. Place scored edge behind adjoining lantern side. In other words, all overlapping is done inside the lantern, rather than outside.

Step 7) Adhere and fold top scored edge to the inside of the lantern.

Step 8) Place bottom piece inside of lantern, adhere and fold bottom scored edge under. Use ruler or other tool to press down around lantern edges to secure flaps.

Step 9) Place battery operated candle in lantern.

Hexagon Lantern

Hexagon Lantern Pieces:

  • Cut 6 pieces of bright paper 2x4 inches.
  • Cut 6 strips of black paper 1.5x4 inches.
  • Cut 1 strip of black paper 1x8 inches.
  • Cut 2 strips of black paper 1x12 inches.

Step 1) Cut all pieces of black paper to size.

Step 2) Score the length of the shortest paper strips down the center and punch both sides with border punch.

Step 3) Punch the length of both sides of the medium strip of paper.

Step 4) Punch one side of longest paper strips and score the other side 1/4 inch from the edge.

Step 5) Adhere "glass" to shortest paper strips so that the edge of the paper is flush with the center score mark. This will create the body of the lantern.

Step 6) Adhere longest strips of black paper to the top and bottome of lanter. Fold 1/4 to the back and secure.

Step 7) Adhere medium strip of black paper to the center of opposite sides as a handle.

Step 8) Set lantern over battery operated candle.

To see instructions for the triangle shaped lanterns check my blog.


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