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If you're craving a unique crafting experience, today's tutorial by Charity Becker might be just what you're after. Charity is absolutely ingenious and joins us again with a great tutorial on how to make hexagon frames for all sorts of different uses!

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Hexagon Frames


  • patterned paper
  • craft knife
  • compass
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • hexagon pattern.
  • Choose patterned paper with hexagons or do an internet search for a printable hexagon pattern.

Trace hexagon onto back of patterned paper.

Position the compass at about 3/8 inch. Line the ruler up with the edge of the hexagon and trace a line that extends on either side of the hexagon. Do this for all six sides.

Using the craft knife cut the center hexagon out. Use scissors to cut the outer edge of the frame.

Trace the frame onto an alternate patterned paper, cut slightly smaller than traced lines.

Using hot glue or other dimensional adhesive adhere the frame to the second hexagon.

Place this design element anywhere you would normally put a shaped piece of patterned paper. I used these hexagon frames for my Amethyst #5 layout.

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Charity, you are so unbelievably talented! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your ideas with us!

And now for one important matter of business! I'd like to shout out one more huge thank you to the participants of this months blog hop. Your projects were spectacular and I'm just sad that I was busy doing the retreat thing and didn't have a chance to steal! At any rate, the lucky winner of this months $20.00 gift code is Linda Marvin! Linda, our superstars at ScrapbookSteals will be in touch with you regarding your gift code. Have fun shopping.

If you have an idea that you would like to see featured as a How To'sday please feel free to send your directions and images to danielle@steals.com.

Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo.

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