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Posted by Angie Fairbanks

I'm here today to show you just how easy and fun the Lifestyle Crafts Box Dies really are! I have two examples to show you that can be used for any theme imaginable!

First up - the treat carrier cutting die:

Step 1. Cut out 2 of each of the box shapes.

Step 2. Add extra stong double sided adhesive tape onto the flaps of the base cut out.

Step 3. Attach the base cut out (as shown below) - you need to make 2 of these.

Step 4. Add extra stong double sided adhesive tape to the back of one side of a treat box, and stick together.

Step 5. Use the smaller die cuts in the pack to make the decorative banners and sentiment pieces for your treat carrier.

You are now ready to decorate! I went for a snowman soup theme :

The next box file I was given to play with was the popcorn box:

Step 1. Cut out box using die.

Step 2. Add extra strong double sided adhesive to the flap on the right hand side:

Step 3. Fold in the bottom flaps as shown below:

Time to have fun and decorate! These boxes are so quick and easy to make - you could use them as party favors, baby shower gifts, teacher presents....the list is endless! Here are a few more of my examples:

I hope I have inspired you to hit that 'steal' button! These box dies really are super simple and fun to use, with endless possibilities.

If you have an idea that you would like to share as a How To'sday tutorial, please send your photos and directions to

Have a great day and be sure to stop by tomorrow for our next installment in the Mid Week Mojo Jade series with Guest Designer Jessica Arrant.

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